Thesis Program

Excavating the ground for program

1,000 sq. ft. "illegal" Restaurants
10,000 sq. ft. Restarurant
10,000 sq. ft. Anti- History Museum
            Racism in Boston
5,000 sq. ft. Indoor Parks
3,000 sq. ft. Lunchrooms
2,000 sq. ft. Intimate Jazz Clubs
1,000 sq. ft. Cafes
1,000 sq. ft. Cyber Lounge
4,000 sq. ft. Media Center
1,000 sq. ft. Wine Bars

Peeling for Program

4,000 sq. ft. Homeless Sanctuary
100    sq. ft. Bus Stops
100    sq. ft. Cab Stop
200    sq. ft. Tour Bus Pick-up
500    sq. ft. Art Exhibits
          Local Artists
250    sq. ft. Make Own Art on Site
10      sq. ft. per Bench Seating
500    sq. ft. Lunch Eating Space
1,000 sq. ft. Farmers Market

Creating Visual Direction
The program will be derived from the line.  This line can be then blurred, excavated, subtracted, added to, pulled, stretched, moved, and blended.

Peeking Program
Path Designation
Tangible Development of Line
Spatial Entity