Friday, December 18, 2009

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Two Fold: Book

Book on Lulu

Please go to the following link to see (and buy) my class's book about the fashion show we put on in October!

Sunday, December 13, 2009

Special Topics: Masters Studio: Models

Rhino: Thesis: Scripting Site Forces

The above rendering is a Grasshopper scripted abstract form that depicts walk-ability to and from T-stations by the Boston Commons.

Thesis: Final Document Book

If you follow the link below you can see my Thesis Document that I submitted last week.  The document contains site analysis, research essay, program and methodology statements, case studies, and my prospectus. 

The document takes a while to load completely for reasons unknown to me...

Alexandra Dupnik's Thesis Book

Saturday, December 12, 2009

Special Topics: Masters Studio: 3D Renderings

These are the renderings from the previous post. I scanned my hand drawn renderings and then printed 2 enlarged copies of the sketches. I cut out different elements in each rendering to create a relief that would show the scale and depth in each rendering.

Special Topics: Masters Studio: Renderings

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Travel: Philadelphia

Philadelphia PA. 30th street station. I have never experienced this part of the station before. The columns are massive stone, and the lighting effects of the uplighting are very impressive.

Sunday, November 22, 2009

Sunday, November 15, 2009

Thesis: Site: Analysis: Figure Ground: Walking Times

Thesis: Site: Analysis: Site Specific Locations

Possible locations for intervention. These sites appear to be neglected by first intuition. Further analysis will be needed to determine if these sites are truly neglected.

Thesis: Local Population Groups: Statistics

Thesis: Site: Site Analysis: Points of Interest

Light Pink: Artist Lofts
Red: Freedom Trail
Orange: Steps On and Off the Trail Suggested by The Freedom Trail
Blue: Harbor Walk
Green: Black Heritage Trail
Yellow: Other Tourist Destinations
Purple: Local Cultural Destinations
Magenta: Sites Mutual for Locals and Tourists

Elevation: 58ft

Elevation: 54ft

Elevation: 49ft

Elevation: 26ft

Thesis: Site: Analysis: Figure Ground: Zoning

Scale: 1:1000
Scale: 1:2000
Scale: 1:3000

Thesis: Site: Analysis: Footprint Outlines

Scale: 1:1000
Scale: 1:2000
Scale: 1:3000

Thesis: Site: Analysis: Diagramming

Google Earth Community

Hopefully this post will work!

Thesis: Site: Site Analysis: Google Earth Tour

Google Earth Community Site

The above post requires Google Earth to see the video. This is a short video showing the beginning of my site analysis for my Thesis.

Thesis: Site: Site Analysis

Google Earth Community Post

The above post requires Google Earth to see the video. This is a short video showing the beginning of my site analysis for my Thesis.

Thursday, November 12, 2009

ArchEyes: MFA Tour: 1 Year Before Opening

Through WAC (Wentworth Architecture Club) I was able to tour the new addition to the MFA in Boston one year before it will be opened to the public.

The addition was designed by Norman Foster.

The C of O will be distributed to the client at the end of the year.  The tour was given by the Construction Manager of the project.


Central Addition.  Glass cube atrium for functions and art display.  The ceiling and walls are entirely glass.  Notice how the existing meets the new.

The ceiling is a glass ceiling with a drop ceiling of fabric panels.  The fabric is from France, frames constructed in the United States, and then stretched onsite.

Art gallery.

Art gallery looking out towards glass atrium.  Underneath the floor covering is a wooden floor.  The ceiling in this room is also glass panels.  One cannot see them however, they are covered by layers of louvers that diffuse the direct sunlight.

Courtyard between new and existing.

Walkway overlooking the Fenway.

Glass wall detail.

Glass Stair railing detail.

Looking from one corridor into another.

Experiencing architecture.

More experiencing.

Corridor to private offices.

How marble panels attach to the structure.