Sunday, November 22, 2009

Thesis: Site: Analysis: Survey

Please take my quick survey to help me in my Thesis!

Thank you in advance...tell your friends!

Survey Here


  1. I have a few opinions about some things:
    1. Zoning Section: maybe create another category to incorporate the white space. It's gotta be for something, right? Even though it's owned by the city, there's different parts to the city (i.e. parks+rec, water reserve, transportation, etc.)
    2. Points of Interest: The elevations seem to be getting farther away (not closer), so unless they are getting closer to the ozone or another point in the atmosphere, this does not make sense.
    3. You did a lot of really great work (that probably took so long) to put together all the maps and make them into different sections and colors based on your implemented categories. It was fun to read about, and seems very professional.

  2. Lauren:
    Thank you for all of the great feedback!

    I have not had time to post more information about my second pass at site analysis, but I have done some diagramming and studies on the open space in Boston. I am also starting to look at adjacencies to the Freedom Trail such as buildings, open spaces, points of interest, and zoning information.

    You are correct; the elevations do not make sense. I need to figure out what Google is taking this dimension from. (I can't believe that I did not pick up on this myself!)
    Thank you for taking the time to look at my website and all of my work, it really means a lot!

    Hope all is well with you since graudation!