Monday, June 15, 2009

Computational Design and Architectural Production

Computational Design and Architectural Production

This is a wiki that contains the work of myself and my fellow classmates in the Arch 590: Computational Design and Architectural Production class at Wentworth Institute of Technology.

"The class focuses on How does the design process begin? How do we as architects define and develop viable methodologies in digital environments? Is this site of architectural production a more fluid and adaptable setting for formal manipulation as well as graphic visualization? Within the context of computational design, the manner in which these questions are addressed has immediate implications to the understanding of how one makes form in virtual spaces. There is a potential for new design methodologies to emerge that can exploit algorithmic, parametric, topological and animated modeling processes. These processes can offer designers new tools for resolving complex geometries and facilitating
innovative form making."

"This course will be a critical investigation into digital modeling and computational design. This class will seek to not only inform students of the theoretical underpinnings of computational design, but also to familiarize students with the process through critical engagement via the Rhinoceros modeling software coupled with basic parametric input. Considering the multiplicity of approaches various digital designers are currently using, the focus is on which of these practices are successfully at producing viable architectural methodologies."

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