Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Thesis: Final Crit

Thesis Statement: Landmarks and historic sites throughout the city have become cliche’ and kitschy, overlooked and then delegated to the realm of tourism. The people, who work and live in the city, are in turn, disassociated from these spaces because they do not engage these sites in their everyday activities. By focusing on one of these detached environments, this thesis will respond to issues of memory, perception, and the potential for the human activity of local cultures to inspire new and vibrant relationships within these neglected spaces of the city. A series of interventions will be developed that link and connect the tourist aspect of these environments with the everyday activities of the city’s inhabitants. The existing infrastructure that links these zones will also be redeveloped, rethought, and modernized. These associations will demonstrate how memory and the sense of place can provide the city’s inhabitants with a strong connection to the site.

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