Sunday, July 11, 2010

Phenomena: Arch Vanguard Gala

The Master of Architecture class of 2010 wanted to instill new traditions  at our school.  I was in charge, with a team of 2 others to design, coordinate, and create the Arch Vanguard Gala for 90+ individuals.  The design our team decided would envoke ideas of change, innovation, and a reflection to the past.  
We designed the atmosphere to be reminiscent of the avant-garde era of architecture because of the new and unusual methods and ideas the designers used and developed. 

Logo design for Arch Vanguard Gala

Stairwell design
Illumination of laser etched table.

Appetizer spread.


Main lounge.

Designed directions.

Designed directions.

Designed directions.

Menu from Tentempie`.

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