Monday, September 12, 2011

Teaching: Arch 155: Student Blogs

I am teaching Freshman year studio at Wentworth Institute of Technology this fall.

"Arch155 Design Principles l:
This course will focus on freehand drawing, utilizing drawing as a tool for the exploration of the built environment. Drawing as a method of “seeing”, the sketchbook as a recording device, and drawing as a tool in the design process will be studied. Weekly exercises will guide the course and weekly seminars will integrate the materials covered in ARCH115 Survey of Architecture I. Co-requisite: Arch115 Survey of Architecture I."

Wentworth's Architecture Department Course Catalog

My students will be creating their own blogs.  The assignment is listed below.

+ Select a posting from an Architecture related blog | website | app | book | e-zine.

+ Write a short paragraph (3-5 sentences) describing how this article of Architecture sparked your interest 
+ Not because it looks cool… Why does it look “cool”? Why does it look “ugly”?
+ What is intriguing about the building | object | architect | form | materials?
+ List: Who | What | Where | When | Why
+ Include at least 3 images: Plans | sections | drawings | photographs | maps | diagrams | icons
+ Post to your own blog. In posting link, to original website or posting.

Blog creation sites 

Please keep your blog professional! Including the username and title. I would suggest using your last name first initial as your user name, and something simple as the title.

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