Sunday, July 19, 2009

Studio: Child's Play: Caracas Venezuela Senior Design

The aim of my project is to create a tangled web of playground parks for children to play, interact, and learn from each other within these spaces.

The installations will become a social monument that will allow different people at all ages and communities within the barrio to experience the building in their own way while promoting imagination and interaction with the architecture.

The buildings will be open and accessible as possible. This allows people to walk by the installations while in the parks and see into the building where art classes, lessons, day care, and community gatherings take place.

The integration and weaving of parks within the barrio landscape will make it safe for young children to roam about the barrio; playground to playground.

Everything will be designed for the child in mind. Benches will be provided at their scale and the installations and landscaping will promote imaginative playing.

The installations will sit in the landscape, following the “rules” of the barrio to build, so as to keep views on the hillside open.

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